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Performance Workshops

Harlem Dance Club offers unique multi-week workshops that culminate in live a performance and/or photo & video shoot. Our Performance Workshops are open to all ages and experience levels.

Past Performance Workshops have included “Lite Feet: Past, Present & Future” with Chrybaby Cozie (2015), “Category is… VOGUE” with Cesar Valentino (2017), “Drum World” with Angel Kaba (2018) and “Praise” with LaSharn Cooper-Part and Shavon Marshall (2018.)

Workshops introduce choreography, performance technique, character development, costume and styling design all leading up to an exciting culminating event.  


Attendance is critical to a performance workshop of this nature. We are willing to work with your scheduling conflicts if you are communicative and respectful of the group. You must attend all rehearsals unless otherwise excused at the beginning of the workshop, or with the permission from the workshop producer.

The first session is free. A $40 Commitment Fee (for the entire workshop) is requested to help us in covering incidental expenses supporting the performance (e.g. snacks for dancers backstage, specific costume elements.) This fee is a pledge to your choreographers and fellow participants demonstrating your commitment to the journey.

MOTHERSHIP TWO Performance Workshop with Angel Kaba
(July 13th - September 21st)

This 11-week workshop with direction from Angel Kaba and rehearsal director Esther Walker, will become the centerpiece of MOTHERSHIP TWO on September 21st at the Richard Rogers Amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park. Movement styles will include (but not limited to) traditional & contemporary African, hip-hop, contemporary and freestyle. 

Saturday afternoons beginning July 13th
REGISTER HERE for updates, schedule and more info

PRAISE Workshop with LaSharn Cooper-Patt and Shavon Marshall
(July 25th - September 21st)

This 9-week workshop culminates in a live performance MOTHERSHIP TWO on September 21st at the Richard Rogers Amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park.

Thursday evenings beginning July 25th
REGISTER HERE for updates, scheduling and more info


Pelham Fritz Recreation Center
Marcus Garvey Park
18 Mount Morris Park West @ 122nd Street
Accessible by 2/3/4/5/6/A/C/D Trains

If you are unsure if you want to commit to the entire workshop, be sure to attend the first session at no risk. We aim to create a safe and nurturing environment to nurture your love of dance, but if you aren't coming to have a good time, this is not the right workshop for you.

See visuals from our past workshops below.