Lite Feet: Past, Present & Future

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22nd 7:00 - 8:00 PM

What is Lite Feet?
Lite Feet is a new school form of freestyle hip-hop dance that emerged from Harlem in the early/mid 2000s. During the course of the workshop you will learn foundation moves such as the Tone Whop, Lock In, Rev Up, Harlem Shake, Bad One & Aunt Jackie.

Who is Chrybaby Cozie?
A former student at Dunlevy Milbank Center, Chrybaby is regarded as the ambassador to the Lite Feet movement. In addition to appearing in many music videos, he is a passionate teacher and works with kids, adults, beginners and pros.

About The Children’s Aid Society Dunlevy Milbank Center
The Children's Aid Society Dunlevy Milbank Center offers services that allow children to feel safe and cared for, by providing planned and structured programs in a well equipped, comfortable and safe environment. Children are allowed to create, explore, and participate in various activities with their peers under the guidance of competent, trained and caring adults. The Dunlevy Milbank Center on 118th street played a major role in the development of Lite Feet in the mid-2000s.