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Afro-Fusion with Kim Holmes

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For the last 20 years, Kim Holmes has emerged as one of the premiere, influential luminaries of the urban dance movement with unparalleled vibrancy, sensuality, and versatility. This legendary, leading lady and vanguard of Hip-Hop dance culture, has sought to redefine the face of the hip hop/urban dance movement as a heavily sought after dancer, choreographer, and Founder and Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed, Universal Dance Movement.

Along with her formal training in traditional dance forms of African, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary, to name a few, Kim became intensely mesmorized by the pulsating energy of contemporary urban dance as expressed within forms of Hip-Hop and House. Her evolving intrigue in hip hop and house led her to an opportunity to tour and work with some of the top performers and influential artists within the music industry, including Beyonce, Jay-z, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Salt n Pepa, Dance Fusion, Full Circle, Elite Force and a plethora of others. Kim’s rise within hip hop with her unique, stand out, lively performances would lead her to collaborate with some of the most prominent choreographers throughout entertainment including Laurie Ann Gibson, Brian “Footwork” Green, Rhapsody James, Eartha Robinson, Marjory Smarth, Conrad Rodchester, Archie Burnett, Mickey Davidson, Rennie Harris, Robin Dunn to name a few earning her the reputation and title as the “Josephine Baker of Hip Hop.”