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Lite Feet with Chrybaby Cozie

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Chrybaby cozie  has  been cultivating this dance (litefeet)  in harlem for almost 8yrs with a group of talented individuals called “the breakfast club” now spelled “BWRECKFAST CLUB” because of too many similar names. BC has had an immense influence on several people life’s . over 50 ppl today represent BC spending the message of a positive hip hop movement and underground street dance  . A person who was greatly influenced by our culture was Chris Brown . Chrybaby was featured in his video “kiss kiss” in 08′ . He’s shown wearing a BC varsity jacket and displaying our hand insignia . also he was featured on a litefeet DVD called “dance or go home” doing his version of litefeet. BWRECKFAST CLUB has been at the helm of litefeet since day one. Through BC Chrybaby created an organization called”LITE FEET NATION” which is the hub of the whole litefeet movement today. In 2011 Chrybaby  put together an event featuring some of litefeet nations finest in a team battle that took place at a RED BULL venue  in TriBeCa . All of the dancers we’re provided with clothes from SLOWBUCKS and we’re featured on a world renown YouTube channel called Yak Films . Each video featured has well over 100k views .  Today litefeet nation has gone global being spotted in France , Russia , Poland  and has made a new home in Japan . Even so litefeet  Has revived another popular dance movement called the HARLEM SHAKE. Even though it predates litefeet , it’s a dance that was adopted by a litefeet music group  Chrybaby  was featured in called (Swag Kidz) on a song called “5000″ in 08′. Keeping it alive since then has sparked a  immense YouTube phenomena and worldwide exposure from power 105.1 to Mtv’s BUCKWILD .

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